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What To Know About Adult Piano Lessons: Advice & Tips

What To Know About Adult Piano Lessons: Advice & Tips

Whether you are taking adult piano lessons as a hobby, want to become a professional, or for any other reason, having advice when starting is necessary. What better than getting advice from people who love playing, teaching, and have many years doing so?

As a piano teacher, I am just as excited to share what you need to know about adult piano lessons as you are about starting this journey. Let’s jump in:

You Are Now At The Lead

When you were young, you most likely had your parents or someone else pushing you to do things. When you grow up, this naturally changes, and from here, you are responsible for your journey. This makes adult piano lessons exciting because you are tracing your route to your liking. It also means you’ll have to be disciplined to achieve your goals. With the proper determination, there is nothing you can’t reach.

You’ll Have To Dedicate Time.

If you want to advance, having a set schedule for your adult piano lessons is imperative. The more consistent you can practice, the better. You can learn the piano faster if you dedicate more time to practicing. You can find these and additional tips for taking piano classes in this blog or read about the best schedule for taking them.

The Age You Start Doesn’t Determine Your Success.

There is this misconception for adult piano lessons that since you are starting later than as a child, your chances of success are slim. This isn’t true at all. What counts for adult piano lessons is how much time you dedicated to focused practicing, and of course with more years of practice, the better you can be.

Practice The Right Way

Even though you might want to rush and play your favorite songs in your adult piano lessons, don’t neglect to work on your technique through scales and arpeggios. As a beginner in order to stay motivated it is imperative to improve. Taking your time and being methodical when you are practicing pays off. Remember that patience is a virtue and with hard work we assure you, it’ll pay off.

Tip: Practicing the same material over and over again without changing what you practice can limit and slow your learning. It’s important to set goals for every practice session and invest enough time in being specific with your desired learning outcomes in order to boost your learning.

You Can (& Should) Customize Your Learning

You are learning the piano because YOU want to. Your adult piano lessons should adapt to your goals, whether you want to become an amateur or play as a hobby.   Your piano teacher will be imperative for this, so make sure to work with someone who can adapt. I, for instance, like to teach one student at a time, work with the songs that you want to play, and of course with consideration of what you’d like to achieve.

Select The Right Piano Teacher

Having someone to facilitate the knowledge and expertise of playing the piano is important when you are a beginner. When looking for a music teacher, make sure they align with your goals. Another essential aspect that people don’t realize is a teacher who is encouraging.  A teacher who celebrates your progress while also supporting you is critical in music classes for adults.

In every step of your journey, professional instruction is key for adult piano classes. If you want to enroll in Boston piano lessons for adults, consult our site or contact us!

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