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Tips For Taking Piano Classes For Kids & Adults

Tips For Taking Piano Classes For Kids & Adults

Learning new things is exciting, and naturally, you want to get it right. For piano classes, like anything else, we all are or were beginners at some stage. There are a couple of things that can promote better learning when taking piano classes. If you are curious to know more, keep reading our tips for taking piano classes for both kids and adults! 

Don’t Be Discouraged By Your Age: 

If you want to have a great time with your piano classes and succeed, do not be discouraged because you think you are “starting late.” There isn’t a right or wrong age when to learn how to play the piano, not even as a kid. 

Yes, it is recommended for kids to start at age 6, but from there, any age is perfect. Your age makes no difference whatsoever in how fast you learn the piano. The number of years you have taken piano classes, your focus, and how much you practice is what ultimately matters. Still,, you can start at any point.

If you understand that one’s age doesn’t determine your success, it is less likely that you quit.


Consistency is very important in developing, learning to play the piano. Doing it on the same schedule outside of class will help build a habit. You will have to set a clear practicing schedule for yourself or your kid and follow up with it. Kids can practice an hour to an hour and a half each day, but the piano teacher can also determine this. The same goes for adult piano classes, but you can increase the number of hours as needed. The teacher should
help support practice and hold kids (and parents) accountable for their practice.

Get A Piano At Home: 

As discussed earlier, you will need to have a piano at home for daily practice for both kids and adult piano classes. Your practice hours aside from your regular piano classes are fundamental in getting better. To do so, you will need one at home. Always make sure to give your proper piano maintenance, mainly tuning. You can learn more about piano tuning in another blog.

Pick The Right Piano Teacher

As we mentioned  in another blog, you will have to look for a piano teacher to learn to play. You may seem tempted to teach yourself instead of taking piano classes, but it will all depend on your goals for playing. 

Besides having to be experienced and have proper credentials, a piano teacher should be someone who understands how to track progress and adjust to your learning pace.

At Kellymusicworks, we:

  • Teach to your music taste.
  • Teach to any skill level.
  • Teach from 20 years of experience.

Check Out Our Piano Classes

Suppose you’d like to get started on your piano classes. In that case, we welcome you to implement these tips and contact us at Kellymusicworks. For more valuable tips and content, stay tuned to our blog!

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