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Some people believe they’re bad singers but they’re really just untrained singers. Your voice is an instrument and as with any other instrument, you need guided practice in order to improve. If you’ve always wanted to sing or you want to refine your voice with singing lessons, don’t hesitate to contact us to start your musical journey.

At Kellymusicworks, our goal is to inspire students of all levels, abilities,and interests. Our method is focused on developing technique, personal style, performance, and musical repertoire. For over 20 years, we’ve been teaching all kinds of singing – from jazz to Broadway, popular. Whatever your style and preferences, we’ll adapt to fit your interests to make the learning process even more fun.

Become the singer you’ve always wanted

Our singing lessons are tailored to fit your personal singing goals. With discipline and determination, you’ll exceed beyond your own expectations and you’ll be surprised at your own abilities. Every singer benefits from proper singing techniques. We’ll teach you proper voice warm-up, ear training breathing techniques, pitch control, and we’ll help you expand your vocal range.

At Kellymusicworks, we greatly value all styles of singing. As a result, we like to work with your favorite songs and musical genres to make sure you truly enjoy our lessons. Whether you want to sing musical theater, gospel or jazz, we’ll help you find your own voice. Enjoy the physical, mental, and emotional benefits that music brings, and begin your learning journey now!


Don’t worry if this is your first time taking singing lessons. We’ll start with the basics and work from there.


Have you taken voice lessons before? We can work on perfecting your technique, breathing, performance, and help you find your personal style.


Grow as an artist and master the skills you already know.


Professionals need to constantly practice and refresh what they already know. Work on specific goals that you’d like to reach.

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