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An Integral Education for Your Kids: Piano Lessons for Kids.

Kellymusicworks is not only taught by an experienced musician but also by an experienced teacher – ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to play the piano.  Our piano lessons for kids utilizes a disciplined approach, motivating, supporting, and fostering a joy and passion for music. We are devoted to your child’s progress and believe that with proper instruction, goal-setting and regular practice, your child will succeed.

Our piano lessons for kids are fun and comprehensive. They will learn how to express themselves through a musical instrument and be challenged at the same time. Get in touch with us and give your kids a memorable musical education delivered by a passionate teacher.

Piano Is Ideal For Children’s Music Education. Here’s Why:

A musical instrument can become your child’s best friend, and piano study can be a great way for a child to demonstrate competence in a skill that most of their friends already likely value as well. 

With proper guidance piano lessons for kids can be a rewarding experience when the child as well as parents begin to see weekly progress.

The piano, therefore, is a beginner-friendly instrument, that a child can continue throughout a child’s life. A piano can also be a way for families to publicly share their child’s accomplishments.  Our piano lessons for kids focus on a child’s musical development and do so through a rigorous pedagogical approach emphasizing: study, practice, and refinement. Studying a musical instrument is a stress reducer and can improve fine motor skills heightening a child’s aesthetic awareness and ability to communicate and express themselves.

Piano lessons for kids also rewards learners with self-discovery and growth. With an encouraging, patient, and skillful teacher, they will grow and learn quickly. Kellymusicworks holds public recitals (2x/year) for showcasing their achievements. Kids can gain confidence in the lifelong skill of practicing how to present in front of an audience.

We will teach your children the three musical elements, introducing them to melody, harmony and rhythm.  Sight-reading music is introduced gradually and we regularly checking for understanding  to ensure a child’s understanding.  Piano lessons can
lead to increases in self-confidence through problem-solving reasonable musical challenges.

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Piano Lessons for Kids are Key to Their Development.

Kids learn by doing and modeling desired behavior. Deciding to begin piano lessons for kids will improve their ability to problem solve. With discipline and good habits, children can gain confidence and develop a more expressive and assertive attitude.  Exposure to musical study has been shown to teach discipline and positive behavior.

With our piano lessons for kids, you will likely see an improvement in your child’s self-discipline, concentration, patience, and overall well being.  Schedule music lessons today and begin your musical journey at Kellymusicworks!

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