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Personalized Piano Lessons

At Kellymusicworks you’ll find more than a music teacher. You will find a musical guide through an musical education that will help them evolve and grow in the best way possible, while enjoying a delightful experience.

Because we value every student and their unique qualities as an individual, we don’t settle for the traditional and boring method of learning. We make learning fun and provide singing lessons, piano lessons that are fully tailored to the student’s abilities, needs and the learning style so they can discover their personal style.

Get ready to rejoice learning music with our singing and piano lessons. No matter the reason why you want to learn music, our lessons are guaranteed to be pleasant for anyone!

We Are Experts at What We Do.

Our singing lessons and piano lessons at home involve creative and human skills that are often overlooked in music academies but are key to the student’s growth. 

We can make our students master technique, theory, performance, practice, composition, improvisation and more in various musical styles, governed by passion for music as this is what moves us to connect with people in this rich art.

At The Comfort of our Home Studio.

There is no place like home, and there’s certainly not a place as convenient for learning as a home that has been built around music and sound. Our piano lessons in our home studio are an ideal professional learning environment for supporting and nourishing talent. Our studio is located in Watertown, MA.

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