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We Teach Your Child Discipline that can Provide Valuable Life Skills: Music Classes for Kids

If you want to support your child’s development, musical education is ideal. Music classes for kids are truly a wonderful gift for them.

Your child will gain knowledge that extends beyond singing or playing an instrument. Music lessons can help engage a child’s cognitive, sensory, and motor reward systems.

With Kellymusicworks, your kid can receive a musical education at our music studio, with a professional teacher who will be focused on student growth.

Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids.

Music lessons offer numerous benefits for your child that transfer to other areas of their lives. Take a look at the benefits of music education started at an early age.

When we listen to music, three areas are working together: motor, visual and auditory. Each area is active and as your child participates in music-making, his/her brain is being exercised neurologically.

Music classes for kids can cultivate creativity, attentiveness and abstract reasoning. Music can also promote skills such as self-discipline, listening, coordination and much more while boosting self-esteem in children.

With the right music teacher, you can ensure that your kid will obtain the most out of their music lessons. Kellymusicworks should be your number one choice.

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Contact Kellymusicworks to bring music into your home with our high quality piano lessons for kids

Piano Classes for Kids.

Our piano lessons offer a musical education that both you and your child will be proud of. As a parent, you will observe not only weekly progress but gain an appreciation for the joy that a child experiences when playing and performing music.

Singing & Voice Lessons for Kids.

We can instruct your child in the elements of singing and performing. Gene Kelly has conducted choirs, coached a cappella choirs, and sang himself in the Bucknell Bison Chips in college. With over 20 years of musical teaching experience, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your child’s education is in expert hands.

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