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Brad Mehldau Trio captivates audience at Berklee Performance Center

Hearing Brad’s trio is always new, refreshing and suprising for me. I became more aware of how strong was his LEFT hand. He uses it more melodically than most pianists. He was able to improvise easily over left-hand ostinatos, interact with the right-hand in an almost “call-and-response” fashion this is not the norm from typical static left-hand chordal jazz playing (“the claw”) which most pianists succumb to. The interplay between these band members is uncanny. Jeff Ballard plays with intensity even at quiet dynamics. Larry Grenadier outlines harmonic textures while playing melodically as well. What is obvious about this trio is that they are LISTENING to what each other play is doing. It is that level of listening, sharing, transforming of ideas that make this group special.

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